Brutality Against Pacific Voters.

Heavy Aggressions To Old People.

Nonsense Aggressions.

"Inconceivable use of force. They also focused on old people."

Mariano Rajoy –  President, Spain:

Summary of the 1Oct. in Catalonia

"The use of force has been proportional and there have been no victims."

Catalan people ​were determined to Vote, it was supposed to be a festivity day similar to "La Diada", a day for celebrating the right to vote together with your kids and your grandparents.


The Spanish Government, instead of considering the result of the referendum useless because of it illegality, they sent the riot police (Guardia Civil and Polícia Nacional) to avoid people voting in any circumstances, and more than 800 voters resulted injured.

Police only had orders to get the ballot boxes and to "avoid" breaking the coexistence. However, they did not talk to anybody, they were determined to damage people. They were laughing meanwhile they were beating people, it seemed they were enjoying beating catalans.

"A man looking for an ambulance is beaten."
"A riot police holds a man's head and its smashed brutally."

This isn't using the force to close ballot boxes, this is recreation.


There was no need to get the people off the stairs, they were not preventing access to the ballot boxes, there was enough space climb the stairs.

The police units were causing irreparable damage to any type of person, regardless of their age.


Differences that define a country.


An elderly woman bloodied by the charge of the National Police to the electoral college of Via Favència, in Nou Barris.

People With Hands Up Are Repeatedly Beaten.

"A man is dragged by the police in front of his daughter and enters nervous breakdown."

They ​were beating everybody, not only groups, old people in benches in small towns of 500 citizens were also beaten, just because they wanted.

A firefighter on TV explained how police  repeatedly were beating a 12 year old kid.

Before the 1Oct. the Spanish Government had 900 members imputed, 65 corruption cases and 5 treasurers investigated.